A downloadable game for Windows

Touhou-themed falling block puzzle game. Join Cirno and friends as she clears blocks and freezes frogs. Don't stack too high, or it's game over!


  • Several difficulty modes
  • Five Seven assist characters
  • Cool power ups!
  • Gamepad support (but I suggest using joy2key if you want to use the analog stick) Now includes analog stick support
  • Frogs
  • Interactive menus

Game created pretty much entirely by Peacock Roy.

Touhou Project original concept, characters, and other elements are the property of ZUN and Team Shanghai Alice. This game is a fanmade work and is not affiliated with or endorsed by the original creators. Please support the official series. Don't freeze frogs in real life.


Cirno's Frog Freeze v1.1 zip 6 MB

Development log


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Easy to enjoy! Those freezing sound effects are satisfying.

Too easy though, even on lunatic.

I love the pixel touhous. Seija a rude.

I implore you to check out my submission, "Cirno's Flash Freeze", simply because of the similar title.


Simple, intuitive gameplay, but challenging nevertheless. I enjoyed it!